Do you want 'safety first' via a Conservative option? Or do you want greater exposure in the hope of achieving better returns? By answering the following short personal risk profile and age criteria, you will be redirected to a Portfolio strategy based on your stated risk preferences.

Your investment profile

1. What is your investment objective?

2. How would you describe your knowledge of financial instruments (e.g. equities, investment funds or bonds)?

3. How much experience do you have of investing?

4. Which financial instruments do you consider that you have experience of?

5. How would you describe your level of risk aversion?

6. In which currency would you like to invest?

7. What resources do you mainly use to fund your living costs and those of your family?
We would like to know what resources you mainly use to fund your living costs and those of your family. Living costs include in particular the costs of housing, food, health insurance, everyday consumer goods, leisure activities, etc.

8. What is your gross annual income (salary, income from self-employment, pension) in Euros or Dollars?

9. How much do you plan to initially invest in your ePortfolios account?

Swiss francs (in CHF):  

10. What percentage of your total asset base does the figure under question 8 represent?
NB: Your total asset base is made up of your savings, securities holdings, car, house, etc. You have to deduct any amounts owed (mortgages, consumer loans, etc.).

11. Investment horizon
At present, Swissquote only offers asset management using equities and investment funds. As you may know, the equity market goes through bullish (upward) and bearish (downward) cycles of varying length. For this reason, and although equity market investments can return a profit after just a few months or a year, it is advisable to invest in equities over a horizon of at least five years or so. The same applies to your ePortfolios. Of course, the securities held in your account can be sold and the proceeds transferred to another account at any time should you so desire.

If you would like to proceed and open an ePortfolio account, please click on 'Open your ePortfolios' below. Your ePortfolios account will be directly linked to an Expat account we will create for you which allows you to undertake all of your general banking, foreign exchange and investment needs at the click of a mouse! Once applied you will receive an email communication explaining the next steps to complete the account opening process and have access to your Expat and ePortfolios accounts. Your personal risk-questionnaire and Portfolio strategy will be recorded by the system for future use.